About me


          Din moment ce am inceput sa ma bucur si eu de cativa cititori straini, am decis ca tot ce apare pe acest blog, in afara de poeziile in romana, sa fie in engleza. O sa ma straduiesc sa scriu cat mai corect.

           So, I've decided to not describe myself in a book-like composition and, instead, I'm just going to write directly the things that I like, don't like, know, don't know, have done, dreamt about, lived, killed and let you picture your very own Andrei. And here it goes:

1. I graduated from Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara", Arad, Romania (it's a high-school). It's one of the best from my country.

2. My high-scool specialization was called Math & Computer science, but it was more like math, computer science, physics and some chemistry.

3. I am a 4th year student, currently studying at the "Politehnica" University from Timisoara, Romania, Automation & Computers Faculty, Computers & Information Technology Specialization.

4. I'm 22 years old.

5. I'm a narcissist.

6. I like fast-food. Mainly shaorma and KFC food.

7. I love pizza, especially the pizza from the 5 Colturi Pizzeria in Arad. I even made a poem about pizza, check it out: Pizza, my love! It's in romanian, though.

8. I knew how to read at 3 years old.

9. I knew multiplication up to 10 at 6 years old.

10. I used to like football, play football, dream football when I was a kid. Not anymore.

11. I love my hair, it's magical. It even stays how I put it using only water.

12. When I want to grow a beard, I grow THE beard (it's cool, people).

13. I watch a lot of movies and a lot of tv shows.

14. I listen to any kind of music, but I'm also very picky.

15. I like to think that I'm funny. I know great jokes.

16. I want to be rich, I'm poor.

17. I want to be the wisest, I'm just wise.

18. I don't have a driver's license, but I do have two bicycles.

19. I have a german sheppard named Rocky.

20. I have a cat named Meow.

21. I was born in Timisoara, lived until I was 12 in Buzias (near Timisoara), then moved to Arad for 7 years and after graduating high-school I moved to Ramnicu Valcea. Well, my parents moved there because I returned to Timisoara for college where I spend almost 10 months a year.

22. I like to play a lot of PC games. I'm sort of an addict.

23. A lot of times I think of myself as the smartest guy in the room, but a lot of times I'm right, so don't be a jerk about this one.

24. I'm a jerk.

25. I write poems (duhh!).

26. I know how to be polite, but a lot of times I just don't want to.

27. I have a plan.

28. I want a BMW.

29. I have a job.

30. I'm very lazy.

31. I love my Nexus 4 phone.

32. I don't like many people. In fact, I could just say "I don't like people", it will still be kind of right. But I like some.

33. I lie a lot.

34. I tell the truth a lot... and too direct.

35. I look like this: 

36. I have a lot of diplomas, but few awards.

37. I have a steel 4cm long 32GB usb stick.

38. I have a lot of patience.

39. I spend way too much time on the internet.

40. I like walks in the park. I like walks.

41. I like to take trips, but don't really take so much of those.

42. I once went to Verona, Italy and took a picture with my hand on the right boob of the statue of Julliet (you know, from Romeo & Julliet).

43. I once went from Timisoara to Serbia by bike (just 50km to the border) and then back. My ass never hurt that much.

44. I like being mysterious and sometimes talk in riddles.

45. I'm a romantic.

46. I don't believe in God.

47. I don't watch tv anymore, not since... THE INTERNET.

48. I have diaries. They have names. They are people.

49. I tried my luck as a DJ when I was a kid. It didn't work, but the dj-thing stook. It rhymes with my name.

50. When I'm about to meet a lot of people at the same time, I like to do something and repeat it so they won't forget me: in my first day of college, I fist bumped every coleague I met. After four years, a lot of people are still fist bumping with me. At an international ten-day-event where I met a lot of foreign students, I called everyone "my friend". It got pretty annoying.

51. I'm annoying.

52. I'm not stupid.

53. My favourite emoticon is :D.

54. I like to brag.

55. I went to many competitions of many sorts.

56. I don't drink coffee.

57. I don't smoke.

58. I don't drink alcohol, although I did get drunk once (it was fun).

59. When I was a kid, people made fun of me because of my darkish skin color. I cried a lot, but love it now. I'm handsome. :D

60. When I was a kid, I cracked my head 5 times: once with a train seat, once with a car stereo, once with a rock (threw it after the tree-stuck-ball), once with a brick and once with a fence (almost died that time, it's a funny story, ask me about it).

61. I have two lists: one with great movies I've seen and one with finished PC games.

62. In senior year, high-school, for my computer certificate project I made a game. "Who wants to be a milionaire?", maybe you've heard of it. I made my version, got the degree and even went to a national competition with it.

63. I know how to draw a cool bunny.

64. I have secrets.

65. I don't know how to swim.

66. I don't read books.

67. I participated in a lottery competition twice in which 60% of all the participants won tv sets, xboxes, iphones, ipads, movie tickets, computers, laptops, tablets and printers. I didn't win anything.

68. I like free stuff.

69. When I was a kid, I lost my home key and spent 10 hours on the top of a building until one of my parents came home.

70. When I was a kid, I had a favourite tree in front of my building. I would climb every day that tree. Four years ago it got chopped off.

71. When I was a kid, I was Donatello, the ninja turtle.

72. I still have a stick that I ripped off a tree 15 years ago.

73. When I was a kid, I wrote a song.

74. When I was a kid, I made up a treasure hunt for my birthday. Every clue was a poem.

75. When I was a kid, I almost got convinced to change my religion.

76. When I was a kid, I once ate french fries with nutella.

77. I have a very good friend from Canada.

78. I always forget my words when I give an interview.

79. I stutter.

80. I eat a lot and never get fat.

81. I've done, lived and witnessed a lot of unbelievable things and people never seem to believe me.

82. I'm complicated.

83. I once got a black eye from a girl... and I'm black.

84. I know I'll do great things.

85. I'm not afraid of being naked.

86. I like to goof around.

87. I really believe I am a little crazy.

88. I've learned to always be calm.

89. I've learned to not care.

90. I can't cry.

91. If I have earphones in my ears, there's no distance I can't make.

92. I sometimes picture myself saving the world from an evil villain.

93. I sometimes wish I could sing.

94. I'm rarely wrong.

95. When I talk about something, I tend to go all around a subject and explain every detail about that something so that there are no confusions when I finally finish talking about that something. Ex: I have boxes in my house, but it's not the house I live in because I don't actually have a house. I've inherited two houses and have a rented appartment, but I live in a dorm. And one of those two houses is still my grandmother's, the other is currently being renovated by my father which is why I don't have a lot of money. When I moved from Arad, all my things were packed up in boxes and I never actually unpacked them because I went to Timisoara for college and didn't really need all my stuff, so, after all these years, my things are still in boxes in the house my father is renovating. Those boxes, that house.

96. I'm weird.

97. I have a lot of principles.

98. I always keep my promises.

99. I am very important to some people.

100. I like to take my chances with people and things.

101. I don't like taking risks.

102. When I was a kid, I loved Dragon Ball Z. Still do.

103. I learned english by watching Cartoon Network.

104. I'm always hungry.

105. I like receiving presents even though I say I don't.

106. I never forget the nice people.

107. I don't talk to dumb people.

108. I forget a lot of things.

109. I know what self-contradiction is.

110. I like to think that I can play with people's minds. I can. I am.

111. I notice little things.

112. I like to be prepared for anything.

113. I am always trying to resist the urge to contradict people when I believe they're wrong in order to avoid an argument. I never succeed.

114. Not many people like me, but a lot of people trust me.

115. I am not trustworthy.

116. I am selfish.

117. I like to accept big challenges even though I don't know how to succeed at the moment because it gives me the chance to surpass my limits.

118. I am not afraid.

119. I hold grudges.

120. I am vengeful.

121. I am sometimes incapable of emotions no matter the situation (weddings, funerals, graduation etc.).

122. A German girl once made a song from my poems.

123. There are poems about me out there in the world.
That's about all I could think of. I'll add more when I'll remember more. Until then, feel free to comment. What do you think of me?


  1. deci este cea mai lunga descreie si amuzanta in acelasi timp...nu e rau in a fi laudaros chiar e bine, respect de sine...e bine ca faci ceea ce iti place si-n plus poezia este doar regasirea sufletului, iar de fascinat...nu, mai ai de lucrat:)):)) oricum bafta cu planurile tale

  2. bravo!! tine-o tot asa;):P

  3. Awesome :)) Presupun că ai cea mai sinceră descriere din câte am citit (crede-mă, e printre puținele, pe multe le găsesc neinteresante). Well, probabil că-i okay că ești narcisist, ai și de ce - m-ai luat cu simțul umorului :)) . Și eu sunt narcisistă, așa că e chiar genial să văd persoane geniale ca mine. ;>. Meh, anyway, nu prea văd ce-aș mai putea să-ți spun, îți ador descrierea și ”PUNCT”. :3

  4. Am retinut ce era mai important: you love pizza!
    Ti-a comentat nesatulul de "hai sa vad cum ai facut" din stanga ta, in B418 :))

    1. Robert, chiar acum modificam cu ceva mai recent :))

  5. Sunt un anonim care sta cu tine in camera :)
    1.Nu esti sincer in descriere.
    2.Nu ai zis de mine la "future dreams"
    3.Asta ii in plus.
    4."Cine poate fi asta asa anonim?"
    5.Stiu sa numar..
    7.Io am observat ca iubesti mai mult shaworma decat pizza.
    8.Pizza 5 Colturi - Arad - rullz!!
    9.Esti aproape la fel de modest ca mine.
    10.--Numaru meu magic :>--
    11.Mi lene...

  6. Lex :* ... shaorma am mancat mai des pt ca e mai ieftina si aia e mancarea camerei noastre cand ne e foame, ne certam si ne e lene :))

  7. " I know how to draw a cool bunny. "
    I'm jelly!