Friday, September 27, 2013

ISWinT hello and farewell letters

Brace yourselves… ISWinT 2013 is coming…

Welcome, stranger, I’m some text,
Written here to tell what’s next,
Put in rhymes to make you smile
And tell you how to live in style.

You’ve left home in search of fun,
In search of friends and worries none.
Well, rest assured, you’ll get them all,
Parties, friends, maybe a ball.

Ten days we will seize to bother,
Exchange ideas and know each other,
We’ll speak our minds, show what we’ve got
And take a cultural snapshot.

There are new people to meet,
Places to see, challenges to beat,
Check-ins to make, memories to tweet,
Parades to be held on our very own street,
Parties to attend, races to compete,
Pictures to be taken, good food to eat,
Skills to acquire, dreams to complete,
Nothing to regret, reasons to repeat.

And now here’s you… in the center of it.
Welcome, friend, I am ISWinT!

Brace your tears… ISWinT 2013 has ended…

Hello, friend! Remember me?
I’m the one that made you see,
See the wonders that some know
And how crazy can some go.

You’ve been here a great few days,
Had some fun in many ways,
Made some friends, laughed a lot,
Seen beliefs that others got.

We applaud the time we spent
Partying on each event,
Always reaching great new heights
And learning after sleepless nights.

We also want you all to sing,
To wish you luck in everything,
To keep on dancing, live in style
And always show the world your smile.

Thank you for your visit here,
And hope you’ll come again next year,
These things you’ve read, you’ve lived and seen
Will never end ‘cause you’re ISWinT.