Sunday, December 16, 2012

Truth chapter

I always thought that rhymes go best
When trying to say all the rest,
When words don’t seem to show
Everything I’ll write below.

Who are you?
You’re a girl with long blonde hair,
One who loves it when it snows,
You’re the girl with tons of care,
One with freckles on her nose.

A girl who’ll always choose to play
Instead of looking for a fight,
The girl I talk to every day,
To who I’ll always say “good night”.

You’re the reason of my poems,
The other person from my dreams,
The one who leaves leaving a smile,
You are never what it seems.

You’re the one who keeps a list,
The only one with bigger pride,
You make everything exist,
Your imagination’s wide.

A girl who’ll always give a chance,
One who hates our filthy trains,
A rare girl who just can’t dance,
One who loves it when it rains.

You’re a narcissistic one,
So advanced, it’s now a flair,
A weird girl who’s always fun,
You’re like me, but with blonde hair.

Who am I?
I’m the one you changed in whole,
Just a weird guy everyday,
Not by looks, but by soul…
Happy birthday by the way!

I’m the one that likes you much,
One who flew when he felt this,
A guy afraid to tell you such,
One who you brought back with bliss.

And there’s no crime if I kissed then,
I just wish I’d do it live
And once more… and again,
Just one thing that’d make me thrive.

And I wish I’d hug you too,
Even if you stink a lot,
So tight that we won’t be two
And this verse no more a thought.

So if they ask you who am I
Tell them I’m your biggest fan,
If they ask you how am I
I’m like you, but with more tan.

“Happy birthday!” one more time!
This is just a rhyming line,
I’ll always be, no need to worry,
Ends “Truth chapter” from my story.