Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sparkling eyes I left behind
When I turned and walked away.
“My heart is here for you to find”,
I wish I did, but couldn’t say.

I took a step… and then another,
Hoping she won’t let me go,
But why care? Why bother?
Why just yell with feeling: “no!”?

So I left straight for a train,
Bought a ticket far away,
Praying to leave without pain
And hoping for a better day.

When the time for my leave came,
My train was quiet, far away,
Just like her, just the same,
With an eight minutes delay.

I was forced in endless wait,
All those minutes were just lies,
I had turned to curse my fate
And I saw her sparkling eyes.

Stunned of what became to be,
Wondering why she was there,
Watching as she came to me
And thinking: “but she didn’t care!”.

She approached and hugged me tight,
Just as my train was due,
It arrived, the time was right,
But who cared? I hugged her too.

It called for me and then took off,
With no ticket bought in vain
‘Cause my train was mine enough,
It went far and took my pain.

Then she said she found my heart
And I understood her fears,
Then our story gained a start
And those sparkles were her tears.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Un parc crezut mister,
Pierdut, ascuns în patimi,
E tot ce am să sper
Din suflet până-n lacrimi.

O lună mare, plină,
Un cer înstelat
Sunt martori de lumină
Unui moment neuitat.

O bancă izolată,
Cu loc doar pentru doi,
E tot ce-am vrut vreodată,
Fără dorințe noi.

Un vânt fără putere
Și flori înmiresmate,
Moment fără durere
Și clipe neuitate.

Și-n centrul tuturor:
Un băiat și-o fată,
Iubiți în lumea lor,
Străini în lume altă.

E tot ce îmi doresc
Din suflet până-n lacrimi.