Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 definitions

Love is everyone’s duty,
It’s a flower that you call,
It’s a beauty to a beauty,
Love is nothing… love is all.

Love is a park
With only one bench,
With stars in the dark,
With two souls that clench.

Love is life on speed,
It’s all you’ll ever hate,
But love is all you’ll need
To please your heart and fate.

Love is a tear
Shed out of fear,
Of losing one dear,
Forgetting what’s near.

Love is a hand
Hold in your hand,
It’s two grains of sand
On a very plain land.

Love is a kiss
On a perfect full moon,
It’s something you’ll miss
If not repeated soon.

Love is a forgotten letter,
A borrowed warm sweater,
It’s an offering of shelter,
It’s all that makes you better.

Love is just a word
That means so much,
It’s a newly born bird
That begs for your touch.

Love is a smile,
It’s a very tight hug,
It’s living for a while,
Love is a drug.

Love is “I do”
With endless points of view,
It’s always something new
‘Cause my love… is you.