Sunday, October 31, 2010

Words of life

Once, upon this world, there was me,

One, who thinks his life isn’t as you see.

Thru these words, I seek salvation…

A five chapter combination.

I started off with the best feeling…

… or, the worst, if someone’s leaving.

I showed that I could rise above,

I showed, in words, that I could love.

I then complained about our change,

I still don’t like what’s in my range,

I tried to tell you thru rhyme,

I tried to show that I hate time.

Next, I wrote words hard to read,

I wished for things I do not need,

But, at end, I disagree

‘Cause, my hope still lives in me.

One may smile, one may cry,

One may, someday, reach the sky,

In this chapter no one’s small

‘Cause, a choice could change it all.

In the last, I wrote in grey

Something felt in every day,

I can’t give colour to this state,

I told the world about my hate.

My advice, to those who read:

Stop pretending not to bleed,

Look around, find the signs,

Stop and read between the lines.

These words reflect my life, so far,

Forever shown, just like a scar…

I’ll always write, no need to worry,

Thus, this ends my, so called, story.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hate chapter

Once, upon my story, there was me,
One, who thinks his life isn’t as you see.
You may not like, you may not wait,
But... this part is about my hate.

Some time, from now, I said “I care”,
I said “I love”, I said I’d share,
But all of these come with a pair,
When you see love, hate’s also there.

I’m kind of young and hard to break,
Some may say that I’m a fake,
“What do I know of one’s fate?
How dare I to speak of hate?”

I may be young but I know lots,
I know life has many knots
So please don’t judge the way I feel
And try to see what’s fake and real.

As I said, I’m hard to break,
It’s not a lie, nor a mistake,
It’s something that I chose to be,
To not hate all that I see.

I have many walls inside,
To keep anger far in hide,
You’d have to work to break them all
And earn my hate until you fall.

This ain’t a warning, nor a threat,
It’s just my heart crying upset,
But some don’t care and see me small
And always try to break a wall.

Future seems to reach me fast,
Has, only one, broken the last?
I know hate, no need to worry,
Ends this chapter of my story.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Choice chapter

Once, upon my story, there was me,
One, who thinks his life isn’t as you see.
This part will tell some different news,
What I’ll do if I could choose.

When there’s a friend that lost his wings
And I’m the one who pulls the strings.
When what he needs can bring me good,
A pair of wings, a change of mood.

If I could help… him or me,
If I could choose what’s next to be…
I wouldn’t stop to think a while,
I’ll always choose to make him smile.

When words decide what I would earn,
A choice that gives the chance to learn.
When my will becomes my voice
And all the odds resent the choice…

Even if it seems in vain,
Means more work and lesser gain,
I’ll put my thoughts in all my trust
And always choose what’s fair and just.

There are moments that I hate,
When I witness something late,
When friends I know, are not the same
And friendship turns into a game.

In those moments they don’t care,
Moments that I’d wish were rare.
In those times, my feelings hide
And I choose to cry inside.

It’s up to us to keep our wings
And make the choices that life brings.
I chosed to write, no need to worry,
Ends this chapter of my story.