Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wish chapter

Once, upon my story, there was me,

One, who thinks his life isn’t as you see.

This part will tell where my hope lies,

How I have failed all my tries.

I’ll start with love, it makes you live,

You learn to beg and to forgive,

It makes you change for just one soul,

That one that makes you feel you’re whole.

But, the more intense the more the pain,

Once she leaves and you remain…

These things I said… I wrote above,

Make me wish I couldn’t love.

I see how people like to act,

When you help they don’t react,

But if you trip, do something wrong,

One will laugh and all along.

My friends keep changing over night,

I wish I could say “it’s alright”,

But what I see and all these lies

Make me wish I had no eyes.

“Every person is unique”,

I tend to hear when others speak.

Unique by what? A simple name?

Because their actions look the same.

I hope it’s not a no-win fight,

It looks so vague in black and white,

All these things I can’t rename

Make me wish I was the same.

A wish is short but hope is long,

In time, you’ll know about this song,

My hope is there, no need to worry,

Ends this chapter of my story.