Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why ? Because...

She looks into my eyes and asks me “why ?”,
She wants to know the answer, she doesn’t want a lie,
She wants to hear me say it or she’ll say “good-bye”,
But I’m standing still, she slowly starts to cry.

I’m blocked, I’m locked, I’m searching through my mind.
I’m searching so hard, but there’s nothing there to find.
She wants it, I want it, I want to know the answer.
I don’t want to become a simple lonely dancer.

She looks into my eyes and asks me “why ?”,
My soul doesn’t know, I slowly start to cry.
I searched there too, with no success,
I just can’t find it, I can’t even guess.

So I looked into her eyes and… into my heart,
And heard a whisper… three words… never apart.
Her tears had stopped, I knew what to do,
I kissed and said “Because… I love you” .

Forget or forgive

To forget or forgive,
To live without you,
To live in deceive…
What should I do ?

To forgive your mistakes,
Forget my suffering
And remember what it takes
To live while loving.

“It’s a feeling you can’t choose…”
That’s what I thought…
“You just fall, but don’t lose,
A fight that can’t be fought.”

But my heart is bleeding,
It’s suffering from this dance
Of loving, of living…
And you want another chance ?

I hope you understand what these are,
‘Cause if you don’t then we went too far:
They’re the words of my stabbed soul,
Spoken in a way for just you to know,
The thoughts of my tired mind,
Thought in a way for just you to find,
And the feelings of my broken heart,
Felt in a way for just you to break apart.

And now my heart has stopped,
It wants me to choose,
To be lied but loved,
Or move on and lose.

To forget or forgive,
To live without you,
To live in deceive…
What should I do ?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Glasses (rhyming joke)

Granddaughter: Hey gramps, sing along.
Grandfather: My glasses, my glasses.
Granddaughter: Gramps ! The song !
Grandfather: Where are my glasses?

Granddaughter: I can't deny, I love'em,
Granddaughter: They're such a great band.
Grandfather: Where? Do you have them?
Granddaughter: Four boys from Deuchland.

Granddaughter: Wait ! Do you smell that?
Grandfather: They were stolen ! By a cat !
Granddaughter: I smell, I smell gases !
Grandfather: Glasses? My glasses?

Granddaughter: Shit ! We've gotta go !
Grandfather: I can't find my glasses !
Granddaughter: Leave them ! It's gonna blow !
Grandfather: I'll find them, as time passes...
Granddaughter: But gramps...gases !
Grandfather: I CAN'T HEAR WITHOUT MY GLASSES ! (stupid cat)